Films for Education

Having worked with children for almost thirty years, Andrew has the experience, skills and knowledge that offers you the certainty that he knows how to relate to, and get the best out of staff and students alike.
His natural affinity with students puts them at ease and ensures your school is shown off in the best light possible.  
No other production company offers this!

What better way  to promote your educational institution and school facilities than with a high-end, professional, immersive promotional film, uniquely created by an experienced teacher and filmmaker.

Having taught in Primary, Secondary as well as Special Needs settings, Andrew has over twenty years of experience with relating to and motivating students.

School's can relax in the knowledge that Andrew will be able to relate to and get the best out of staff, parents and students, and know how to show off your school in it's best light.

Andrew brings his musical ear and artistic eye to his film production, and has a natural affinity blending footage and music perfectly, to give a polished professional finish to your promotional film, which the entire school community can then be proud of.

  • School Promotional Films

Andrew will assist with the planning process, and be able to drive the production so that you find the process enjoyable and not to over-bearing.  He will then create and deliver a final product that make the school and it's community really proud of being a part of.


  • Productions & Performances

Capturing and sharing a performance has never been more important, and the ability to share and keep those memories for life is vitally important. Andrew's creative background and blend of digital media and the Arts, enables him to assist in recording school drama productions, music and events..


  • Virtual Tours

There's never been a more crucial time to communicate with prospective parents through school promotional films, Virtual Open Days and Virtual Tours. Please contact Andrew to find out how he can assist in giving your school the edge it requires.

Veritas Primary Academy

This vibrant and modern school aims to show off it's fabulous facilities and ethos with this promotional film created for Veritas Primary Academy.

Screenshot 2020-12-14 at 19.36.29.jpg

Silkmore Primary Academy

Silkmore's nuturing and child-centered educational focus was a key focus for Silkmore in this film.

Logo Silkmore copy.png

St. Patrick's Catholic School

St. Patrick's were keen to emphasise a calm and family orientated school, with their mission of 'Love, Learn and Respect' at it's core.

St  patricks Badge.jpg

School Performances Filmed

Whether you wish to film your school live performance or pre-film the production to a higher quality level, Studio 19 can provide the answer. 

Not only is the stress taken out, as we can edit and re-shoot any mistakes, but you are then able to share the students hard work with parents and extended families as well as the students having something to keep as a reminder for prosperity.

Green Screen Productions

Using green screen, performances are filmed, and then set in professional scenes literally anywhere! Then special effects can be added to make a real 'movie' quality production.

During the pandemic we've created several productions for a New York Drama School all shot from the students home's individually.

See some examples here.