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Presentational Films

Take the stress out of giving a speech , or presentation.

Studio 19 can produce a professional film to accompany or even replace your speech, giving you the freedom to sit back and enjoy the occasion, safe in the knowledge that you have already nailed it!

The Best Man's Speech - 'SuperBestMan'

Surprising the groom with this 11 minute film, the 'Best Man' proved to be overwhelming success. This was a story inspired by the grooms love of action movies, and was a wonderful way to start his speech. 

Andy from Studio 19 has created two amazing videos for me this year. The first was the production of ‘The Best Mans Speech’ -I really wanted to do something different for my best friend who had given me the honour of choosing me as his best man, I approached Andy to ask for his help. Andy was outstanding, we sat down on for our first meeting and with Andy’s very personable approach and extensive experience and skill formulated what was to become one of the highlights of a very magical day for my best friends. Studio 19 filmed and edited the ‘The Best Mans Speech’ creating a very good looking professional media product.

The last thing you want to do after a holiday is to collate and edit all of the photographs and videos you have taken.

Why not let a specialist do all of that hard work, and you can put your feet up in the weeks, months and years to come and re-live the memories.

The Sutton's Climbing Everest -

A Holiday Video

Skylark Education-

End of Term Film

A local Home-Educational group wanted to capture the end of term, to show parents some of the activities they had been enjoying.

This gave them a short video to show at their Presentation evening and then host on their website.

Dave 'The Jedi' Short Film -

A Groom's Speech

A mature crowd gathered for an original type of Stag Do at a hotel in Warwickshire, and ended up creating this unique 'Star Wars' short film, with everyone getting a part in a Hollywood blockbuster.

Surprising the Bride and his guests by showing this video at the meal was a fabulous way to start the Groom's speech.

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