Online Courses

There's never been a better, or more important time to get to a local, national and international audience.

By creating your own Online Course of videos you can create a self-sustaining revenue stream, and offer your speciality to the world.

Whether you are looking to create short videos such as instructional film, e.g. Yoga class or Business Tips, or have an idea of a larger 'Online Course' such as Debra's above.

Debra created a 10 module course, each episode was around 25 minutes long, and was interspersed with Chapter Summaries, Titles, with copyright music throughout and a unique blend of live film and green screen backgrounds.

Debra isa now able to market herself and her invaluable course, across the world, and sell her work remotely.

Studio 19 FILM

MOB - 07885758871

EMAIL - studio19film@icloud.coM


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