Should I even have a Videographer ?
 I already have a photographer ...


Yes a wedding can be expensive, and as a matter of tradition, the photographer is one of the 'must have' elements..

So do you really need a videographer..?

Let's explore the options here ....


Yes you can make good quality iPhone movies..

But do you want your friends distracted all day?

Who's going to edit it all?

Will it really capture the day and the little moments?  

Why not just get friends to shoot on their phones?

Everyone's got a phone, which can produce good quality video. - We can save ££'s

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Why not? I'm sure he'll do a good job..

But does he have the £1000's of equipment, cameras, audio & lighting?

Will be calm, confident, in the right place, and ultimately capture all those precious moments?

Will he have the skills and experience to take that footage and create a memerising film with accompanying music? - Can he edit like a pro?

We know a young arts student who

could do the job

He's young and keen and may do it for £50!

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Screenshot 2021-03-03 at 12.00.25.jpg

Every has their own style..

and Yes I have my own style of filmmaking and you can leave the end result totally up to me..

However I'm MORE than happy to design your film to suit your own style - beautifully & perfectly..

Light and bouyant ?

Romantic and Cinematic?



with added features such as

Guest books too 


What is your style of cinematography?

Do we get a say in

how it turns out? 

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I'm Andrew, an international filmmaker, video editor, and film & digital media educator. Twenty years of experience gives you the peace of mind that I will produce film to treasure, whilst my relative freshness to the wedding industry gives me desire to produce TOP QUALITY, and the chance to compete £ with the youngsters!

Who are you and what's your experience?

Can I be sure that I'll get a quality product and value for money?

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