Studio 19 Wedding Film Packages

We pride ourselves on producing Quality Wedding Films, and the 'Base Package' is all you need. are

However, there are additional elements you can choose to add, should you wish..

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The Base Package

  • 5 minute Wedding Film

  • 8 hours of coverage

  • Drone Footage (permitting)

  • Final Film edited and delivered within 6 weeks

  • 1080p quality film digital download


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Fully Upgraded Package

  • 1 minute Wedding Film Montage

  • 10 minute Cinematic Wedding Film

  • Full Ceremony Film (30 - 40 mins usually)

  • Full Speeches Film (40 - 60 mins usually)

  • 4K Drone Footage (permitting)

  • Full day coverage

  • Final Films edited and delivered within 4 weeks

  • Final Films delivered on Heart USB drive

  • Films also hosted on Vimeo to share


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Additional Film Features

10 min Wedding Film



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The 10 Minute Film allows us to put everything we captured into your film without cutting anything important out. Memories, emotions, details, guests - YOUR WEDDING, will be displayed perfectly.


15-20min Cinematic


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Your wedding turned into a beautiful, cinematic short film. Nothing will be missed. Speeches and vows won't need to be shortened as much. Receive 1O-15 more minutes of pure spectacle.


Still a little peckish?  Why not see our 

1min Highlights Trailer 



In addition to your wedding film we will create and send a 6O Second Highlight Trailer of your Wedding Day, perfect for sharing on Instagram and Social Media. All videos will be created with copyright free music enabling you to share confidently on any social platform.


4K Film



Your film will be filmed and edited in High Res 4K. This will then be delivered on a bespoke  Pen Drive that you will be able to treasure forever, and enjoy on huge screens of the future!


Ceremony Edit



All the emotion of the Ceremony caught and edited in detail. Edit includes the best angles and audio files we have available.

Toasts Edit



Along with your highlight film, you'll receive this Toasts Edit. Video will be 2O-3O minutes long, and will be of the entire ceremony from start to finish. Edit includes the best angles and audio files we have available. 


Additional Filming & Editing Options

One Week Edit - £295

We will prioritise your wedding video over every other client. Wedding Film will be done within 7 Days.


Extra Videographer- £295

Wedding Guestbook - £250

An additional videographer on top of the camera set-up that already comes in the Base Package.


Catching a moment with all of your  friends and family can be so difficult, so why not let us capture their thoughts and messages to you on film in a special personal way.


Guests Marryoke - £250

Have some fun with your guests and let us create a high quality music video of your choice..  You choose the song that's special to you, and we ensure we get everyone (who wants to) involved in miming a line or two throughout the day.  After some special effects magic, we create a lively and professional music video which will make you smile for years to come, and can be shared with everyone you know..


Let's start a conversation..

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Wedding Videography at it's best

I'm more than happy to accommodate your wishes and needs - after all it is YOUR special day. Contact me to discuss special rates, e.g. for shorter weddings, or for anything not covered in the listings.