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Budget Film Productions

Let's face it... Video production is an expensive business. It takes thousands of pounds of equipment, years of learning and honing your craft, and at least two days of filming and editing to produce even a one minute film.

You'd pay £150 for any workman's day wouldn't you, so it's not over-priced.

However £300 can seem like a lot of money to a young band or small business owner.

Therefore we are happy to offer a BUDGET FILM PRODUCTION option.




Simply film your own video material and take your own photographs.  You can get surprisingly good footage from smart phones these days.

Then get it all to me at Studio 19, and I'll edit a professional styled video for you from only £89.

Personally I prefer to shoot all footage myself to ensure good quality but if it's the difference between having or not having a video at all then the BUDGET FILM option is for you.

Wild Pickle -  Budget Example

Food Festival Masterclass

Emma, from Wild Pickle, shot her own footage on her smart phone, advertising her upcoming workshop at the local Food and Drink Festival. She also provided the photographs. 

Studio 19 Film pieced it all together with logos and copyright free music give a professional feel.

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